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As you saw on the webinar, the threat to our bodies and brains from EMF radiation from 5G is very real…perhaps the greatest modern man-made threat to our immune system!

How Dangerous is EMF Radiation from 5G for Your Body…Really?

Well, lets look at what the experts said about EMF radiation before 5G was introduced…

In 2011 the World Health Organization classified Wi-fi radiation as a “Class 2 Carcinogen.” That means it’s a possible cancer-causing agent in the same category as lead and cigarette smoking. – and that was BEFORE 5G

British MI5 Scientist and expert in microwave warfare and weaponry, Dr. Barrie Trower, said “Anyone who puts Wi-fi in a school should be locked up. They have NEVER looked at the research if they would do that.” – and that was BEFORE 5G

In China -pregnant women are required to wear special shielded “bellyband” to protect the fetus from EMF radiation! –and that was BEFORE 5G

In Israel, EVERY cell phone must carry the warning: “Prolonged use of this device may cause cancer” – and that was BEFORE 5G

France BANNED wi-fi from nursery schools in 2014! – that was BEFORE 5G

253 international scientists from EMFScientist.org called upon the United Nations and the World Health Organization to give greater protection from EMF – and that was BEFORE 5G

And Scientific Studies have proven EMF causes…

  • Impaired immune system
  • Brain tumors
  • Cardiovascular stress
  • Memory loss
  • Breaks in the blood-brain barrier
  • Headaches
  • Tumors of the hearing nerve
  • Tumors of the hearing nerve
  • Genetic damage
  • Interference with pacemakers
  • Melanoma of the eye
  • Pressure and tingling in the head
  • Reduced melatonin
  • Fatigue

And EMFs has been linked to the DEADLIEST KILLERS on the planet…

  • Heart Disease
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Depression
  • Arthritis
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Autism
  • Anxiety

And that was BEFORE 5G!

What About your Children?

Look at these images showing the effects of EMF radiation on the skulls of adults, teens, and children.

See how deep the EMF penetrates the soft skull of a 5-Year old!?

Do you want YOUR child’s brain exposed to that kind of Radiation?

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Do You Live in the Good Ol’ USA?
Well, the Problem is Worse if You’re an American?

Many nations around the world, 28 in fact, have taken steps to protect against EMF. They have set “exposure limits” for their citizens. As you saw above, even before 5G, many nations took serious steps to protect their citizens.

But the US?

American “standards” allow for EMF exposure 100 to 10,000 greater than some of those more forward-thinking nations.

In fact, US cellphone standards have not been updated since 1996! Do you even remember what cell phones were like in 1996?! Did you even HAVE a cellphone in 1996? And those 1996 standards were based on studies done in the 1980s!

In fact, a Chicago Tribune story from August 2019 showed that American phones TODAY don’t even conform to those ancient standards of a quarter CENTURY ago!

The story proved that 9 out of 10 cellphones studied, exceeded the maximum allowed EMF “absorption rate” of 1.6 watts/kg. Some of the phones exceeded the regulation by up to 400%!

Why is America so far behind when it comes to protecting its citizens from the onslaught of health-damaging EMF?

The Indominable Power of the Telecommunication Industry

5G means big BIG money for the telecommunication giants…and potentially BIG BROTHER like POWER for them and government agencies.

China is already using it to “train” their citizens to be good little girls and boys for their totalitarian overlords. Check out this video to see the mind-boggling governmental control that 5G tech makes possible…

And any attempt to expose the dangers of 5G…and slow the telecommunications giants STEAMROLLING it across America…has been met with censure, defunding and attacks. See this video of an American journalist forced out of her job with CBS. Here she shines a light on the shadowy 5G threats…

Fortunately, there is a way to protect you and your family from the coming dangers or the 5G onslaught…

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So, How Much More Dangerous Will the World Be with 5G?

First, 5G technology needs a station every 500 feet for it to work effectively. That means millions more EMF-blasting stations on YOUR street, on telephone poles, everywhere.

20 billion devices and over 1 million antennas on the ground!

All pumping out cell-destroying EMFs, 24 hours a day.

And Space-X founder, Elon Musk, has announced plans to launch 42,000 5G-relaying satellites into the Earth’s orbit.

Is that a lot? Well, when you consider there are approximately 10,000 satellites currently orbiting the Earth, yes, THAT’S a lot more. A 400% increase in satellites, filling the night sky with 5G technology.